ALFA Network AWUS036H

1000mW USB WiFi Adapter w/threaded (RP-SMA) Antenna Jack

The AWUS036H has the RTL8187 chipset which is one of the most sensitive ever produced.  It is one of the Best Long-distance USB WiFi Adapter for 802.11G wireless networks.


  • Compatible with wireless 802.11G & 802.11B accesspoints/networks. USB2.0/1.1
  • Compatible with all Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) Platforms & Linux versions
  • Enables any laptop or desktop PC with a USB port, to access a wireless/WiFi network
  • Authenticity sticker (image at upper-right) assures you that you receive an authentic version of Alfa AWUS036H
  • SECURITY: WEP 64-bit, 128-bit, and 256-bit; WPA, WPA2
  • Easy installation and hot-plugging - flexibility and convenience of USB connections. Quickly and easily connect to wireless network with minimal install time and effort.
  • In new retail BOX, with CD-ROM with User Manual, drivers, Windows-based configuration utility and status monitoring, full documentation in PDF format.
  • IEEE 802.11g/b, WPA/WPA2 Compliant, Attachable Antenna
  • Connects at a full 54Mbps via USB 2.0, up to 8 times faster than a USB 1.1 adapter
  • Compact size for greater flexibility
  • High security 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, 802.11
  • Dimention :8.5*2.2*6.3cm
  • Weight :38.5g 

    Threaded antenna jack for durability & ability to upgrade antennas & add extension cables to antennas.
    • Detachable antenna included: 5dBi
    • USB 2.0/1.1 Cable included
    • Suction-cup mount for window or monitor FREE!! If you Buy From Amazon Here: Click Here
    The latest version of Alfa sku AWUS036H: It was formerly designated as a 500mW device and now Alfa's specification is 1000mW (1-watt).

    If you have an internal wireless card: You can use this USB 1000mW adapter by disabling your internal card (in Device Manager).

    Alfa Network AWUS036H

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    The Alfa Network AWUS036H is going to go down as one of the best wifi cards ever made because of it's extreme sensitivity and capabilities. This card was designed to give you better range that will be unlike any other wireless adapter you've ever seen.. right out of the box!

    If you live in a rural area and need to connect to a wifi hotspot, this is the card for you. If you have a tough time connecting to your router at home because of too many walls or obstacles, this is the card for you. If you want to wardrive, this is definitely the card for you. If you want to perform *ahem* illicit activities *ahem* with this card, it will blow you away.

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